It is beyond the scope of this text to present a detailed discussion of how to program a microprocessor in machine language. Still,

it is useful to investigate in a general way what the software must do. A digital controller is a computer operating in real time.This means that the program is running all the time—repeatedly taking in the newest sensor data and then calculating a new output  for the actuator.
The basic structure of a controller program is a loop. In a loop structure, the same sequence of instructions is executed over and over again, and each pass through the loop is called an iteration, or scan. Figure 14 shows a generalized controller program,and an explanation of the program follows:

  1. The program reads in the set-point data (recall that the set point is the desired position of the controlled variable). This data  could be read in from an input port or from memory.
  2. The program directs the computer to read (from a sensor) the actual value of the controlled variable.
  3. The actual data are subtracted from the set point to get the error.
  4. Based on the error data, the computer calculates a new actuator control signal.
  5. The new output is sent to the actuator.
  6. The programs loops back to step 1 and starts over again.

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