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Woman | Caffeine | Osteoporosis — Boning up on Health

Given the recent awareness about the incidence of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, the relationship between caffeine and bone health is a relatively new area of investigation. It has been shown that caffeine consumption causes a slight and temporary rise in the level of calcium excretion leading to speculation that the use of caffeine could compromise bone health. Yet studies show that adequate calcium consumption offsets the potential effect of caffeine on bone density.

This is illustrated in a recent study that examined the lifetime intake of caffeinated coffee in 980 postmenopausal women. The researchers found no association between lifetime caffeinated coffee intake (equivalent to two cups per day) and reduced bone mineral density among women who drank at least one cup of milk a day during their adult lives.

Other studies conducted at The Pennsylvania State University’s College of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic have found that while caffeine intake slightly increases urinary calcium excretion, caffeine was not an important risk factor for osteoporosis.

A study on the effect of carbonated soft drinks on calcium excretion, done at Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center, came to the same conclusion: “The net effect of carbonated beverage constituents (including caffeine) in calcium economy is negligible.” Given the current evidence, an adequate calcium intake — especially during adolescent years — is the best nutritional insurance for healthy and strong bones. Women of childbearing age should consume at least three servings a day of calcium-rich foods, such as low-fat milk or yogurt in addition to the other foods and beverages in their diet.

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