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Breast Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy the size of the bust increases. The breasts sometimes loose their firmness and the shape is changed. This change in size is not due to breastfeeding. But even if it does change because of breastfeeding one should be rest assured that the baby is getting what is best suited for him/her. The size of the breast remains increased till breastfeeding is carried on. Once feeding is stopped then the size returns back to the original size.

Women with smaller breasts will be happy to hear this and will not like to refrain from breastfeeding. The increase in bust size can be noticed immediately. The maximum increase takes place during the initial three months.

The size of the bust cannot be predicted during pregnancy. In some cases the enlargement is enormous. Women with smaller breasts can avoid wearing bra during pregnancy. But as the bust size increases bra should be worn so that they are well supported and stretch marks can also be avoided. Women with larger breasts should take care of their breasts and prevent the stretching of ligaments which might eventually lead to unshaped breasts. If proper care of the breasts is taken during pregnancy then feeding the baby also becomes easier. Let us see how proper care of the breasts can be taken.

Many women learn the technique of breastfeeding quite easily. Many find it difficult to feed their baby as they feel pain inn their breasts. This happens because proper care of the breasts was not taken during pregnancy. Actually breastfeeding is never painful. Improper feeding techniques lead to pain and discomfort. If one experiences discomfort during feeding the doctor should be consulted immediately or the help of a midwife can also be taken. If proper care of the breasts is not taken, then a number of problems can arise. Nipples tend to crack if the baby is not positioned correctly during feeding and care of the breasts is not taken. If we wear a bra with poor-fitting it can result in clogged ducts. The appearance of such problem should be avoided and even if it appears immediate help should be sought.


Let us how we can take care of our breasts during pregnancy so that we do not feel discomfort later on while breastfeeding.


Inspection of the breasts should be done on a regular basis. Any changes in the colour and appearance should be taken seriously. If the breast creams does not suit the skin its application should be stopped without delay.


The breasts should not be allowed to remain damp. Dampness leads to cracked nipples. If breast pump are used then the direction of using the pump in a proper manner should be followed. Excessive pumping should be avoided.


The breasts should be washed only with water. The maternity or nursing bra should be of a good quality. The size should be checked properly. Taking a little time off from daily routine to care for the breasts will help in the long run.

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  1. Sandra
    April 17, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    “Actually breastfeeding is never painful. Improper feeding techniques lead to pain and discomfort.”

    Thank you for this quote! I read, over and over again, about how difficult and painful breastfeeding is, and women give it up without hesitation. I was blessed to have four wonderful babies, and can say without a doubt I never had one issue with breastfeeding. They took to the breast from birth on, and it was a joy with all of them. I’m still nursing my 16 month old, and am happy to do so.

    I’ve even read a blog that a woman said anyone that claimed breastfeeding was easy was LYING. Why are women not receiving the information or support they need? I was fortunate in that childbirth and breastfeeding were both VERY easy, and I don’t take that for granted – but certainly I’m not the exception to the rules. Women need more positive information and blogs like yours to support their needs. Thank you SO much!

  1. April 17, 2009 at 7:30 pm

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